Guitar Lessons Live On Radio

What You Will Learn

We are pleased to launch our latest live radio course all about strum patterns for acoustic guitar including online advanced guitar lessons. Your guitar teacher is William Macy and each week he'll be showing you step-by-step a proven formula for learning guitar anyone can follow along with. We'll begin by talking about the best choices for buying a guitar when you're a beginner.



Paul's Guitar Lessons for beginners are probably the best out there so it's well worth a visit. Below the videos are links to the TABs for his lessons.

Download This Guide To Guitar Chords

Paul over at has put together a wonderful 30minute youtube lesson on guitar chords which we encourage you to study right away. It's a very clever blueprint he's put together for beginners to follow especially if you're starting out playing songs on acoustic guitar.


The Best Bass Guitar For A Beginner

It is a big investment for a beginner looking out for a good musical instrument such as a bass guitar, hence the need to consider a number of aspects while shopping for one. A good bass guitar for a beginner is one that he or she can enjoy while learning. There are a wide array of bass guitars in the market with some under a budget of $200. Among some of the best names in the market and the music industry for bass guitars are; Esp, Yamaha, Ibanez and Fender, of which all these brands have instruments for beginners that are not too expensive.


As a beginner, one can be tempted to pick a very cheap bass guitar from a big box store at the start. However, it is important to keep in mind that just like anything else in the market, one will always get what they pay for. The quality of an instrument can be reflected in its price hence it's not advisable to opt for the super-cheap bass guitars when beginning. For a beginner to have the best chance of succeeding in the music industry, its important to start off with a guitar that looks good, sounds good and is enjoyable while playing.

Guitar Scales

Scales are the basis and foundation upon which all musical instrument learning is based especially if you learn to play the traditional way. One interesting area to get into is the topic of Spanish guitar scales espeically the Phrygian mode and the modes of the harmonic minor scale.


Branching out in this way only makes you a better musician and allows you to draw into your playing a wide variety of different influences.

Things To Look At In A Beginners Bass Guitar

The best bass guitar for a beginner should be a four-string bass. Despite the five strings guitars becoming more popular especially with the heavier rock genres, the four strings guitar enables one to understand the basics of the instrument before reaching out to ideas that are more advanced.


One should also choose a guitar with a thinner neck as this makes it more comfortable to play unlike the other guitars which are larger and whose strings are heavier. Guitars that look good and sound good are the best for beginners as this inspires them to pick them up and start practicing. this would not be the case if one has a bass guitar that sounds bad and looks bad as well.